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Looking for a place to do your master thesis work?

Every year around 25 master students finish their thesis work in one of our laboratories. Our master students engage in projects lasting from 6 months to 2 years depending on their educational background. The project is a unique opportunity for students to display their talent within our fields of research. 








At BRIC you will find: 

  • International research and study environment
  • Individual supervision and mentoring
  • Modern laboratory facilities

We are always seeking highly motivated and engaged students. To start a master thesis project at BRIC you should be finished with your undergraduate studies, or you should be able to finish within a short time. Your background should be within Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Life sciences, Biology or related areas. You will be part of one of our research groups, that works within your area of interest. Both Danish and foreign students are accepted.

How to get accepted

If you are interested in joining one of our labs you must contact the relevant group to learn if they are accepting new master students in their laboratory. You can see the group's research profile here.

Master programme

BRIC does not offer any kind of course programme for master students. In order to enrolle at a master programme at University of Copenhagen please look here.


We don´t offer scolarships for master students, so you will need to finance your stay in Copenhagen yourselves. However, we do support applications from the students to obtain pre-graduate scholarships.


Please contact coordinator Anne Vognsen: