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Groth Group

Here is a list of the staff in the Groth group.

Beyer, Tracey ElainePostdoc +45 353-34906E-mail
Carraro, MassimoResearch assistant +45 353-34560E-mail
Cesa, LauraPostdoc +45 353-28359E-mail
Groth, AnjaProfessor, group leader +45 353-25538E-mail
Hammond, ColinPostdoc +45 353-35015E-mail
Hödl-Baumgartner, MartinaPostdoc +45 353-35053E-mail
Jasencakova, ZusanaResearch coordinator +45 353-35028E-mail
Nakamura, KyosukeAssistant professor +45 353-25637E-mail
Petryk, NataliyaPostdoc +45 353-34547E-mail
Reverón-Gómez, NazaretAcademic staff, FU +45 353-35008E-mail
Stewart-Morgan, KathleenPostdoc +45 353-34307E-mail
Todd, Matthew Andrew MelvillePostdoc +45 353-34407E-mail
Wenger, AlicePhD student +45 353-33978E-mail