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Research Groups at BRIC

We currently have 26 research groups working on research projects relevant for cancer, neurological and metabolic diseases. Click on the group name below if you wish to know more about their research:

Andersen Group

Tumor heterogeneity, Translational genomics, Single cell genomics

Arnes Group

Cellular identity, non-coding RNAs, pancreatic cancer

Behrendt Group

Cancer invasion, metastasis, degradation of extracellular matrix

Brakebusch Group

Rho GTPases, mouse models, cancer, inflammation

Couchman Group

Cell adhesion, receptors, signaling, cytoskeleton, syndecan

Engelholm Group

Cancer invasion, UPAR, MMPs, extracellular matrix degradation

Erler Group

Hypoxia and metastasis, lysyl oxidases, tissue stiffness, network medicin

Frödin Group

Kinase signal transduction, functional cancer genetics, genome editing

Groth Group

Chromatin replication, epigenetics, genome stability 

Grønbæk group

Hemalotogy, Epigenetics, Translational research

Hansen Group

Signaling to chromatin, epigenetics, stem cells, cancer

Helin Group

Epigenetics, stem cells,
cancer biology

Issazadeh-Navikas Group

Glioblastoma, neuroinflammation  neurodegeneration.

Jensen Group

Somatic stem cells
Cancer stem cells 

Khodosevich Group

Brain development, neuronal differentiation, transcriptional programs

Kveiborg Group

ADAM metalloproteases, integrins, protein trafficking, cell signaling, cancer

Lund Group

Non-coding RNA,
epigenetics, cancer models

Ploug Group

Protein structure and function at cancer invasion, metastasis.

Porse Group

Hematopoietic/cancer stem cells, leukemia.

Salcini Group

C. elegans development, chromatin, histone methylation

Sandelin Group

miRNA, ancient DNA, disease transcriptomics, gene regulation

Sørensen Group

Genome maintenance, chromatin, DNA damage response 

Theilgaard-Mönch Group

AML, Molecular mechanisms of hematopoietic development

Weischenfeldt Group

Cancer genomics, structural variants, prostate cancer, precision medicine.

Wennerberg Group

Precision cancer medicine, drug sensitivity, cancer stem cells

Won Group

Computational Biology, Machine learning, Epigenetics