Who and where do I ask?

Please visit the sites listed below for up-to-date information on all questions you may have as a researcher wishing to study or work at BRIC, Copenhagen, Denmark.

International employees and students (master and PhD students)

General information

  • Work in Denmark for information on international recruitment. Here you can find information on living, working and studying in Denmark.
  • New to Denmark is Denmark’s official website for new citizens and integration. Here you will find a detailed information guide for people moving to Denmark or download the handbook ‘Citizen in Denmark’, which is published in 18 languages.
  • Studyindenmarks official website for higher education programmes in English.
  • Denmark.dk is Denmark’s official website about Danish society.
  • Expat in Denmark is Denmark’s first official national network for international  professionals. Find information about both professional and social networks and events for international professionals and their families.