• Service:
    • 350DKK/hour BRIC internal
    • 450DKK/hour UCPH internal
    • 980DKK/hour External

  • Consumables:
  • Instrument usage:
    • Free for BRIC and UCPH users; 150DKK/hour for external users

BRIC and UCPH users only:

  • Genome wide Human Silencer® Select siRNA Library from Ambion® (Thermo Fisher Scientific):
    • 3DKK/siRNA
    • + preparation time

  • Customized Human Silencer® siRNA Libraries from Ambion® (Thermo Fisher Scientific):
  • shRNA libraries:
    • Per construct on agar plate: 80DKK
    • Per 96-well Mini-Prep (pGIPZ): 2400DKK
    • Per 96-well Mini-Prep (own library): 1000DKK
    • Per normalization of 96-well Mini-Prep: 300DKK
    • Per 96-well glycerol back-up: 140DKK
    • + preparation time