We offer full support for any HT Cell Based Screening project (based on RNAi, CRISPR or compounds) using phenotypic cell-based readouts such as fluorescent or luminescent reporters or immunostaining. All assays are performed in either 96- or 384-well mictrotitre plate format in an automated fashion. We gladly work with researchers on assay set-up, optimization and the development of new techniques. For data analysis, we have a number of software options available in order to extract the maximum amount of data and provide results in a statistically verified and clearly visualized manner.

Apart from the actual screening process, we offer our expertise in assay development, data analysis, statistical analysis and data management, so users will be guided all the way through their screening projects.

For automated screening, we utilize Hamilton liquid handling stations and the Echo550 acoustic dispenser. HT data analysis is performed on our INCell Analyzer 2200 high content microscope, Incucyte S3 Live Cell Analysis System and Synergy HTX Multimode reader. These instruments can also be used separately upon training or with the support from the facility. For more information about the instruments, see Screening Instrumentation.

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