Info for BRIC autonomous users

Once you are trained in our  facility, you become autonomous user.

Here the tips how to book system and order reagents for your experiment in SC facility: 

In PPMS choose FACS and IVIS facility

Book 10x Chromium Controller Single cell 10x (3.04.18) in case if you are going to work in room 3.04.18   

Then go to Order > Order  service or  consumables

You have to choose:

  • 10x Autonomous run (1 h per run
  • 10x chips – 1 chip per run (one chip has capacity for 8 reactions)
  • Chromium i7 Multiplex reactions   - how many reactions/samples
  • 10x reactions - how many reactions/samples
  • Bioanalyser chips (you need 2 chips  per run, therefore put 2 items in Quantity)
  • Non-10x reagents (the price is  per reaction) - how many reactions/samples

Details for each option are shortly described in the field "Show description"

When you are done with experiments, please, send us separate email with number of reactions that you have used and  # kit. Also let us know,  if  you have used more reagents than you ordered on PPMS (or vice versa).

Contact us, if you have questions: