4 June 2024

BRIC launches data awarness campagin

Picture of campaign posters
"Sharing is caring" is the campaign slogan. But consider what data you share with a generative AI-tool.

ChatGPT, DALL-E, and AlphaCode. The list of generative AI-tools is in constant growth, and as more employees turn to their new digital AI-colleague for assistance, the question of how to keep the data secure arises. BRIC now addresses some of these questions in a new campaign.

Offline campaign on online behavior

‘Sharing is caring’ is the slogan repeated in three posters that remind employees to consider the risk of sharing confidential information using generative AI.

From strategic locations in BRIC’s buildings, the posters communicate the official requests from UCPH on the use of generative AI-tools.

These are the current guidelines:

  • Never enter personal data into a generative AI tool.
  • Never enter confidential or copyrighted data into a generative AI tool.
  • Prioritise use of the generative AI tool Microsoft Copilot Enterprise, which has been security-approved and licensed by UCPH. 
  • ​Only use non-security-approved and unlicensed generative AI tools if there are significant teaching or research-related arguments to support the choice. 
  • ​If you install an AI tool as a program without security approval and UCPH license on your computer, in your browser or as an app on your phone, you have to take precautions. 

Visit the employee guide for all UCPH employees to read a thorough description of the guidelines on the use of AI and see full list of secure data storage.