7 October 2014

DFF-YDUN Grants to talented BRIC researchers


The Danish Council for Independent Research has awarded 17 DFF-YDUN Grants. Out of 17 awarded grants, two goes to the talented BRIC Group Leaders, Anja Groth and Janine Erler.

Anja Groth

Group Leader Anja Groth

Cellular memory

Group Leader Anja Groth receives DKK 6,471,360 for the project Histone Recycling and Cellular Memory.

With this project Anja and her research group at BRIC aim to unravel key molecular mechanisms underlying inheritance of histone modifications during DNA replication and their impact on cell memory and specification. This work can provide answers to fundamental open questions in biology, with major impact on future research in developmental biology, regenerative medicine and complex diseases.

Since 2008, Anja has been the leader of her own research group at BRIC.  

Group Leader Janine Erler

Group Leader Janine Erler

Cancer spread

Group Leader Janine Erler receives DKK 6,393,600 for the project Hypoxic regulation of cancer Associated Fibroblasts.

The spread of cancer cells from the original tumor is highly dependent on interactions between cancer cells and normal cells, including fibroblasts. Cancer cells have the characteristic that they can activate the body’s fibroblasts to such an extent that fibroblasts actually begin to stimulate the development of metastases throughout the body. The project aims to understand how this happens and how to prevent the development and spread of cancer. The results of Janine's research will provide deep insights into how cancer cells spread, which is what cancer patients most often die of and will uncover new opportunities for cancer treatment.

Janine was recruited to BRIC as a group leader in 2011. Read more about Janine and her group's research here.

Strengthens talent utilization in Danish research

YDUN Grants are designed to strengthen talent utilization in Danish research by promoting a more equal gender composition of the research in Denmark.

- We are very proud that two BRIC researchers have received YDUN grants. The grants are a great support for Anja and Janine who are both talented and ambitious researchers. I hope that the grants will serve to inspire women to seek a career in research and also towards senior positions. BRIC is actively working to recruit talented research leaders, and there is a huge talent pool of female postdocs and PhDs which we would like to see continue as researchers, says BRIC Director Kristian Helin.