17 October 2017

CPH Bioscience PhD programme - 2018 application is open

phd programme

The CPH Bioscience PhD programme is designed for international talents to come to Denmark and start their research careers at one of the NNF Research Centers.

The Copenhagen Bioscience PhD programme recruits up to 16 motivated international students annually to launch their careers in the vibrant scientific environment of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers in Copenhagen. For enrolment in September 2018, applications is now open until December 2017.

Selection is based on academic achievements, research experience, academic references and interviews. A mandatory interview visit for up to 40 shortlisted applicants comprises panel interviews, one-on-one meetings with potential supervisors, and tours of the four Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Centers, and will take place in Copenhagen in March 2018. The Novo Nordisk Foundation will pay for travel and accommodation for selected applicants in association with the interview visit.

DanStem potential programmes 

Josh Brickman – Self-organizing transcriptional networks mediating pluripotency and differentiation

Anne Grapin-Botton – Single cell investigation of organ formation in human stem cell and mouse models

Elisabetta Ferretti – Dissecting mechanisms of lineage choice and mesoderm specification 

Kristian Helin – Targeting epigenetic enzymes in cancer

Elke Ober - Progenitor cell dynamics and potency in zebrafish liver organogenesis and regeneration

Agnete Kirkeby – Modelling human brain development in 3D with stem cells

Ole William Petersen – The cellular origin of human breast cancer

Bo Porse – Epigenetic control in normal and malignant hematopoiesis

Jakub Sedzinski – From single molecules to forces. A quantitative understanding of epithelial homeostasis at the sub-cellular, cellular and tissue level

Henrik Semb – Integration of morphogenesis and cell differentiation during organogenesis

Palle Serup – How signals and transcription factors coordinate cell fate choices

The programme offers support finding accommodation in the city centre of Copenhagen for the first year.

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