1 February 2018

EU grants 1.9 million euros to new international PhD program


BRIC has just received a grant of EUR 1.883.520 over five years from the EU Marie S. Curie program COFUND for a new international PhD program ‘iMED’. The goal of the research program is to train PhD-students in multiple areas, such as entrepreneurship and science communication. The program emphasizes the importance of international cooperation.

iMED will recruit 24 international PhD-students and is led by Prof. Anders Lund. The fellows will engage in an ambitious interdisciplinary research program within biomedicine. The program also focusses on broad career development with training in areas such as entrepreneurship, commercialization, and science communication and will include peer-mentoring and mentoring of the students from BRIC alumni.

‘I really look forward to implement the iMED program. We aim to further develop the excellent framework for PhD training at BRIC and believe that we with iMED, have a position where we can recruit the best international talent to the program’, says Anders Lund.

The 24 students will be enrolled as two cohorts of 12 students, with the first cohort starting early 2019. They will be formally enrolled at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences as part of the MoMeD PhD program.

The MoMeD director Kim Jensen look forward to Welcome the iMED students in MoMeD:

‘All iMED students will be recruited internationally, have international co-supervisors and carry out research stays abroad. iMED will therefore contribute to an increased internationalization of MoMeD and help us raise the overall quality of the PhD program’.