13 March 2019

BRIC welcomes the Life science entrepreneurs of tomorrow

On Tuesday 12 March, BRIC welcomed two high school classes from Herlufsholm and Nærum high school. The students are all enrolled in a new life science program at the two schools with a special focus on the cross field between life science, innovation and entrepreneurship. The program is developed in collaboration between Bristol Meyer Squibbs, The foundation for entrepreneurship and BRIC.

During the next years, the project partners will work with the school’s science faculties to develop teaching resources, themes and activities. Tuesday’s visit constituted the first in a series of teaching activities that will take place at BRIC during the next 2 years.

Introducing a world of research

On their first visit to BRIC the students were given a general introduction to the field of life science through the talk “The life cycle of a research project” presented by Lucía Simón Carrasco from Helin group. They were also given an introduction to an example of actual research taken place here at BRIC by Marianne Terndrup from Jensen group. Prior to the visit at BRIC, the students had had a chance to further explore the connection between the mind and the intestine at the Medical Museion exhibit “Mind the gut”.

At BRIC, we are very excited about the chance to to meet, motivate and support the life science entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We look forward to receiving them again in the autumn, where they will get their their hands dirty in the labs.

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