17 January 2019

Janine Erler appointed InnoWoman ambassador for Innovation Fund Denmark

Group leader at BRIC Professor Janine Erler is one of eight so-called InnoWomen on Innovation Fund Denmark´s new Gender Sounding Board. The members of the board are all researchers and entrepreneurs who are funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. Their role will be to provide input to the Fund’s diversity policy and to act as visible role models for potential future applicants.
Between them, the eight InnoWomen represent all programmes of Innovation Fund Denmark.
Janine Erlers research project Pre-clinical program for cancer precision medicine (PreCan) is funded by Innovations Fund Denmarks Grand Solutions programme. The programme funds ambitious innovation projects with excellent science and strategic research that contributes to create new and tangible solutions to important societal challenges and creates value for Denmark.

In its coming newsletters Innovation Fund Denmark will present the research and innovation projects of the eight InnoWomen ambassadors. The hope is that the professional experience of the ambassadors will inspire more talented women to apply and eventually receive the fund’s investments.

The appointment of the gender sounding board constitutes one of four initiatives launched by the Innovation Fund with the purpose of attracting more female applicants. At present, only one in fourth of the researchers and entrepreneurs who apply is female.

The first gender sounding board meeting was held in December 2018.