21 October 2020

PI receives Lundbeck Foundation Ascending Investigator grant

Congratulations to Konstantin Khodosevich, group leader at BRIC, who received this prestigious grant!

Konstantin Khodosevich

Project title: Etiology of neuropsychiatric disorders: impact of genetics and environment.
Sum: DKK 5,050,000.
Project period: 4 years.

In this study we aim to understand how genetic and environmental insults affect brain development and contribute to neuropsychiatric behavior in adults. This will allow us to reveal how neuropsychiatric disorders arise””, says Konstantin Khodosevich, group leader at BRIC.

For this deadline and funding scheme the Lundbeck Foundation received 75 applications for a total of DKK 366,793,762.00. A total amount of DKK 90,138,130.00 was granted to 18 of these projects.