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Meet the Scientists

SRP 2016

Do you want to visit our labs and experience first hand how it is like to be a researcher? BRIC offers different activities to non-researchers who are interested in our research.

SRP High School Programme

BRIC offers a two day SRP course for high school students who are interested in working with the subject of cancer treatment. During the two days, the students will perform a pre-planned experiment in our labs and analyze the results under guidance from BRIC researchers. The experiment will provide the students with a dataset which can be used in their SRP assignment. Read more about BRIC SRP programme on our Danish website.


BRIC regularly receives requests from groups who are interested in visiting us to learn more about the science taking place in our labs. We do our best to accommodate these requests. If you are interested in visiting us, please contact communication officer Anne Rahbek-Damm to discuss the possibilities.