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Carsten Jörn Beese

Carsten Jörn Beese

PhD Student

During my Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, I developed a broad interest in the process and regulation of selective autophagy. In January 2017 I joined Anders Lund’s group at BRIC for my PhD project, where I will investigate the selective degradation of ribosomes via the autophagy pathway, termed ribophagy.

The goal of my PhD is to identify molecular mechanisms and regulatory networks that control the selective degradation of ribosomes and characterize the impact of this degradation pathway on protein translation and basic cellular processes. Since altered and defective translation contributes to cancer development and causes a variety of ribosomopathies, understanding the mechanisms and regulation of ribosomal turnover, as well as the global impact of altered ribosomal degradation dynamics on protein translation is of immense importance for the understanding of disease development.


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