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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Bøjer, Lone Ilona WimdrupProcurement officer Purchase and ordering of lab goods +45 353-25662E-mail
Christensen, Yung KimFinance officer Finance officer +45 353-33505E-mail
Gredal, JoanLaboratory coordinator lab coordinator +45 353-25536E-mail
Hansen, Henrik LundstrømService assistant Service assistant +45 353-26387E-mail
Hemmingsen, Jette GjerkeResearch coordinator research coordinator +45 353-28399E-mail
Hessov, ClemensLaboratory attendant Unpacking and delivering of goods. Waste handling +45 353-32880E-mail
le Bras, SéverineResearch coordinator research coordinator +45 353-30041E-mail
Lisborg, Henrik JohansenLaboratory attendant Unpacking and delivering of goods. Waste handling +45 353-25663E-mail
Lund, Anders H.Director, professor  +45 353-25657E-mail
Maagaard, Niels OleDepartment administrator  +45 353-25660E-mail
Nielsen, Maria BjerreResearch coordinator administrative coordination of research projects, Finsenlab and BRIC +45 35 45 60 24E-mail
Nielsen, SusanneSecretary All research groups, administration & reception. Personnel administration, Secretary for MoMeD program +45 353-35907E-mail
Pagels, JanetGlass washer service assistant +45 20 51 66 34E-mail
Pagels, PiaGlass washer service assistant +45 20 51 66 34E-mail
Pedas, Lisbeth RosagerResearch coordinator research coordinator +45 353-34005E-mail
Petersen, EmilCommunications and Web officer Internal & external communication, webmaster  E-mail
Rahbek-Damm, AnneCommunications coordinator coordinator of BRIC outreach programme, internal & external communication +45 353-25661E-mail
Smajlovic, MersihaSecretary All Finsenlab research groups, administration & reception +45 35 45 60 22E-mail
Sonne-Hansen, KatrineSenior executive adviser administrative coordination of research projects, public relations +45 353-25648E-mail
Vognsen, Anne SchultzPhD coordinator Adm. coordination of MoMeD, RNA Train and PCAP +45 353-25713E-mail