NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Bendtsen, Morten SkovIT student Working at Finsenlab +45 35 45 60 20E-mail
Bilberg, Ellen HertzHead of administration  +45 353-34578E-mail
Bøjer, Lone Ilona WimdrupProcurement officer  +45 353-25662E-mail
Christensen, Yung KimFinance officer Finance officer +45 353-33505E-mail
Gredal, JoanLaboratory coordinator Coordination of maintenance and renovation of lab facilities, and building issues. Coordination of the organization's work around Health and Safety tasks including preparation, implementation and monitoring of work place assessments (APV). +45 353-25536E-mail
Hansen, Henrik LundstrømService assistant Service assistant +45 353-26387E-mail
Hemmingsen, Jette GjerkeResearch coordinator research coordinator +45 353-28399E-mail
Hessov, ClemensLaboratory attendant Unpacking and delivering of goods. Waste handling +45 353-32880E-mail
le Bras, SéverineSenior advisor Strategic Research Support team member-Senior scientific officer, Pre-award support: application feedback, responsible person for MSCA support, postdocs fellowships and collaborative grants. Post-award support (MSCA), Postdoc Career, Programme manager +45 353-30041E-mail
Lisborg, Henrik JohansenLaboratory attendant Unpacking and delivering of goods. Waste handling +45 353-25663E-mail
Lund, Anders H.Director, professor  +45 353-25657E-mail
Maagaard, Niels OleFinance officer  +45 353-25660E-mail
Nielsen, Maria BjerreResearch coordinator administrative coordination of research projects, Finsenlab and BRIC +45 35 45 60 24E-mail
Nielsen, SusanneSecretary All research groups, administration & reception. Personnel administration, Secretary for MoMeD program +45 353-35907E-mail
Pagels, JanetService assistant Dish wash and strelization of lab utensils +45 20 51 66 34E-mail
Pagels, PiaService assistant Dish wash and strelization of lab utensils +45 20 51 66 34E-mail
Pedas, Lisbeth RosagerSenior advisor Strategic Research Support team member,Pre-award support: application feedback, responsible person for investigator grants and IFD applications, MSCA support. Post-award support (IFD projects), research registration +45 353-34005E-mail
Petersen, EmilCommunications and Web officer Internal & external communication, webmaster +45 353-24043E-mail
Rahbek-Damm, AnneCommunications coordinator coordinator of BRIC outreach programme, internal & external communication +45 353-25661E-mail
Smajlovic, MersihaSecretary All Finsenlab research groups, administration & reception +45 35 45 60 22E-mail
Sonne-Hansen, KatrineSenior executive adviser administrative coordination of research projects, public relations +45 353-25648E-mail
Vognsen, Anne SchultzPhD coordinator Adm. coordination of MoMeD, RNA Train and PCAP +45 353-25713E-mail