31. marts 2022

Leadership and management skills workshop

In the beginning of March, a Leadership and Management skills workshop took place at BRIC. The workshop was hosted by Hfp Consulting and ran over 3 days. The main goal was to enable young and senior scientists to master the challenges related to interpersonal communication and management within science. A group of 16 postdocs/assistant professors from BRIC, CPR, reNEW and the Department of Neuroscience attended the workshop, and EVERYONE strongly recommends the workshop to junior and senior scientists.

Workshop participants

The trainers were very competent and inspiring, and it was remarkable how they were able to create an intimate and inclusive atmosphere within the first hour, where everyone shared their experiences.

Moreover, the diverse seniority, backgrounds, and perspectives in the group enriched the experience and gave depth to the discussions throughout the workshop. Notably, the trainers drove the contents specifically towards the needs of the group. The participants were given different tools for time management, motivation, delegation, communication, and conflict management that will help them to lead their career and private life in a more productive manner. Moreover, it helped them reflecting on the way they manage(d) their project and supervise(d) students as well as the way they were managed themself. Importantly, the outcome of the workshop is immediate as they can implement the tools they have learnt right away.

Beyond the learning experience, the workshop also generated a new network where scientific collaboration has already been initiated. Another result of the workshop is a slack channel to easily communicate and a peer group starting in May, to follow up on the content of the course.

The Postdoc Career Program regularly organizes this workshop and others, so stay tuned!

The story was written with the help of the participants.