24. oktober 2018

Lisa Frankel starts new research group at Kræftens Bekæmpelse


Assistant professor Lisa Frankel from the Lund Group has received a Lundbeck fellowship to start her own research group at Kræftens Bekæmpelse from December 1st 2018.

"The Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship has given me a highly unique opportunity to establish my independent research group at the Danish Cancer Society Research Centre (DCRC). I'm very excited to accept this fellowship and pursue my scientific career within the dynamic research environment at the DCRC", Lisa Frankel

The RNA and Autophagy group

Lisas new research group will aim to understand the fundamental biological mechanisms in mammalian cells and investigate how these become perturbed in the development of cancer. The group will focus on autophagy, an essential cellular degradation process, which promotes survival during conditions of stress and acts as a safe keeper of cellular homeostasis. They are especially interested in the functional interplay between RNA, translation and autophagy and the biological importance of this cross-regulation.

Read more about Lisas new research group here

From postdoctoral researcher to PI

Lisa has performed her PhD and postdoc in the Lund group at BRIC.

"During my time at BRIC, I was given the opportunity to develop my leadership skills, both through daily supervision tasks as well as through participation in courses such as the EMBO leadership course and the LIBRA Career Development Compass. This training, alongside my scientific development, has been key in preparing me for the tasks that lie ahead as group leader".  

Group leader Anders Lund says:

"I am really happy that Lisa has been granted this opportunity to establish her own research group, and I have no doubt that she will do great. I also think it underlines the mission of BRIC; we must do great research and nurture the next generation of independent researchers".

About the Lundbeck fellowship

This year five new Lundbeck Foundation fellows have received a research grant of DKK 10 Million. It is the 12th time the foundation awards fellowships. The foundation's official press release can be found here.

Fotograf: Christian Als, Lundbeckfonden