7. oktober 2020

Comics as science communication

Science communication is highly valued at BRIC as a skill that can be done in many ways. Several researchers at BRIC have now tried their hand at combining art and science by creating comics as a way of communicating science in an eye catching way. 

Khodosevich group has used an orchestra as a metaphor for the brain in their science comics

Neuroscience comics from Khodesevich group

For a time now, Khodosevich group has been implementing this form of communication as a theme for their publications, using the comic-format to explain complex neuro science in a simple, understandable way. 

"We want to make our science accessible for everyone. We use the visual form of comics to explain our scientific findings and to reach out to a wide audience", says Konstantin Khodosevich, group leader.

You can view the comics posted on Khodosevich group's Twitter channel below:

Neuroscience comic 1

Neuroscience comic 2

Neuroscience comic 3

CRISPR comics from Imgene students

The Imgene students have attended a science communication course, creating CRISPR-comics to correct public misunderstandings about CRISPR, and create interest for the field.

Click here to view the CRISPR comics from Imgene students (PDF booklet)