23. juni 2020

YOUPPIE award to Luis Arnes


Associate professor Luis Arnes was awarded The YOUPPIE award by The Young Pancreatologist Platform in Europe (YOUPPIE, the young talent group of the EPC).  

The European Pancreatic Club (EPC) The YOUPPIE award represents a recognition for important achievements in scientific research, for the expansion of scientific knowledge and for achievements in the application of scientific research work. It provides a basis for young pancreatologists for further progress in their research work and career. YOUPPIE awardees will be the official EPC candidates for the United European Gastroenterology (UEG) Rising Star Awards.

DanStem/Bric Assosiate Professor Luis Arnes is a junior group leader, joined UCPH in 2018. Associate Professor Arnes and his group investigate how molecular determinants of cellular identity, with a particular focus in non-coding RNAs, regulate the initiation and progression of pancreatic cancer.

Luis Arnes has received the award for the young scientist in basic pancreatic research by the European Pancreatic Club.  

The award was announced in the program of the European Pancreatic Club meeting 2020 (July 2-3, virtual and free): https://www.epc2020.eu/programme/programme.

Read more about the Arnes group here: https://danstem.ku.dk/research1/arnes/