9. december 2021

”Go for your ideas!”

Video interview with PI Raphael Reuten on how and why to become a PI. Raphael Reuten is a former postdoc in Erler group at BRIC.

Earlier this year, the curiosity driven mind of Raphael Reuten, made him go for a PI position at the University of Freiburg in Germany, where he aims to answer how the extracellular MATRIx archiTECTURE (MATRITECTURE) impacts cancer cell behavior.
Ever since his PhD, Raphael was drawn to the idea of being able to tackle the big questions he developed in his head, and through his career it became evident to him, that a PI position could give him the independence to go for the big research questions.
In the following clips, Raphael talks about how he went from postdoc in the Erler group at BRIC to PI at the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology. View the clips below to learn how Raphael succeeded in becoming a PI, what his research focus is, and what his advice is for other ambitious postdocs.

Why and how to become a PI?

In this clip, Raphael talks about his motivation to become a PI, and he reflects upon how his passion for science did not necessarily support a specific career strategy.

Research focus of Reuten group and BRIC as a stepping-stone

In this clip, Raphael sheds some light on the research questions that he want to answer in his new position. Also, he reflects upon how his time at BRIC has supported his career step.

What made it possible and what is your advice?

In this clip, Rapahel names the key points that made him qualify for a PI position, and he gives a bit of advice for young researchers, who may also be considering this career step.

A special thanks

On his journey from postdoc to PI Raphael states, that working with collaborators and supporters has been of great value to him, and especially some names should be mentioned in this regard: 

"Denise Nikodemus, Cord Brakebusch, Hauke Clausen-Schaumann, Janine Terra Erler, Alejandro E. Mayorca-Guiliani, Anu Laitala, Kamilla Westarp Zornhagen, Kim Bak Jensen, Paul Cloos, Jesper Christensen, Peter Yurchenco, Manuel Koch, Jörg Stetefeld, Patrick Mehlen, Felix Bock, Monique Aumailley, Paola Zigrino, Lars Engelholm, Krister Wennerberg, Mia K.G. Høg, Britt Kongstofte, Susanne Nielsen, and special thanks to Line Amandus and Bente L. Kristensen as well as the entire Erler group. We should also not forget to thank our funding bodies; the European Research Council (ERC-2015-CoG-682881-MATRICAN), German Cancer Aid, and Novo Nordisk Foundation. Moreover, I send special thanks to the Danish Cancer Society (R204-A12454) for their substantial support.", says Raphael Reuten. 

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