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BRIC regularly hosts international seminars, symposia and conferences, covering our fields of research.

All upcoming public events at BRIC are posted in our electronic calendar.

In the BioMed Calendar, you can find information about public seminars and other events hosted by 4 bioresearch facilities at the University of Copenhagen; Biotech Research & Innovation center (BRIC), The Danish Stem Cell Center (Danstem), Center for Protein Reseach (CPR), Center for Healthy Aging (CEHA) and The Danish Cancer Society - Kræftens Bekæmpelse.

Seminar series

BRIC-CEHA seminars

The weekly BRIC-CEHA Seminars are a collaboration between BRIC and Center for Healthy Aging (CEHA) and focus on important topics in biological sciences. The main objective of these meetings is to present new front-line research and technologies that have major impact on biological and biomedical sciences and to feature international speakers, who are leaders in their fields.

  • When: Thursdays, 12.00-13.00 
  • Venue: Copenhagen Biocenter, Ole Maaløes Vej 5, 2200 Copenhagen N (Lundbeck Auditorium or Seminar room, 2nd floor)

Single-cell Transcriptomics seminars

Single-cell Transcriptomics Seminar Series are organized by BRIC and Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR) to foster a vibrant single-cell transcriptomics environment in Denmark. Groups that are interested in single-cell transcriptomics are gathered together to present their data, exchange knowledge and discuss future plans. Seminars include presentations from groups based in Denmark, talks from well-known international speakers and industrial talks regarding new technologies in single cell analysis.

  • When: The last Thursday in the month, 9.00-11.00
  • Venue: Maersk Tower top floor or Copenhagen Biocenter, Seminar room, 2nd floor (announced)

Conferences & symposia

BRIC regularly organizes conferences and symposia. Often in collaboration with scientific- or industry partners.

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