Values & strategic priorities


Research is essential for securing a sustainable future, but research also consumes a great deal of energy and creates massive amounts of waste. Thus, at BRIC we aim to reduce the environmental footprint, our research creates. Consequently, we will aim for sustainable solutions to reduce energy consumption and to reduce the amount of waste produced at BRIC. The major challenge of implementing green initiatives will be that a cultural change and a change in habits are needed. Therefore, we will focus on creating awareness and support employees at BRIC to acquire habits that will reduce our environmental footprint.

Go-green activities in 2021:

  • Established the BRIC goes green working group
  • Joined a larger go-green network – sharing experiences
  • Implemented waste sorting in labs and office space
  • Started measuring the energy consumption on specific lab equipment



At BRIC, we believe diversity is instrumental to achieve excellence in research. We are thus committed to creating, maintaining and promoting equality and diversity in all aspects of BRIC's activities, policies and procedures. We aim to provide an atmosphere that is fair and inclusive, welcoming differences, and recognizing and appreciating the contribution and potential of all. In this context, BRIC strives to recruit internationally and to decrease barriers to obtain gender equality.

Diversity projects:

LIBRA logo
LIBRA: Unifying innovative efforts of European research centres to achieve gender equality in academia.
LEAN IN CIRCLE: Based on the LEAN IN platform specifically developed to promote gender equality at leadership positions.



At BRIC, we have a strong interest in innovation to perform novel research and apply our findings to the benefit of society. The vision of the BRIC Innovation Working Group is to foster creativity and support researchers to develop innovative ideas, through making innovation a part of everyday culture at BRIC.

Our aims are to:

  1. Foster and develop innovation at BRIC
  2. Promote innovation coming from BRIC by organizing various events
  3. Help researchers to recognize commercial potential in research, develop ideas, create and innovate

Activities in 2021-2022:

  • Established Working Group
  • Established Innovation Board
  • “Innovation Café” – informative sessions to educate reserachers on how to develop ideas
  • “Founder Hour” – sessions where innovators/entrepreneurs share their stories and the most valuable lessons they have learned