Strategic Research Support

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Anne Rahbek-Damm Senior communications officer coordinator of BRIC outreach programme, internal & external communication +45 353-25661 E-mail
Anne Schultz Vognsen PhD coordinator Adm. coordination of MoMeD, RNA Train and PCAP +45 353-25713 E-mail
Emil Petersen Communications and Web officer Internal & external communication, webmaster +45 353-24043 E-mail
Pia Sjelle Administrative officer Adm. coordination of MoMed and Discover program +45 353-29711 E-mail
Katrine Sonne-Hansen Senior executive adviser administrative coordination of research projects, public relations +45 353-25648 E-mail
Séverine le Bras Senior scientific officer
Grants office/Pre-award support, Postdoc Career Program manager, LEAD program manager
+45 353-30041 E-mail
Nielsen, Maria Bjerre Research coordinator administrative coordination of research projects, Finsenlab and BRIC +45 35 45 60 24 E-mail
Name Title Phone E-mail