High-Content CRISPR Screens (HCCS)

BRIC’s Core Facility for High-Content CRISPR Screens (HCCS) offers assay automation and cell-based screening to BRIC, the University of Copenhagen and external researchers. The flexible and state-of-the-art screening platform opens possibilities for a wide variety of automated assays.

Customized screens can be performed in 96-and 384-well microtitre plate format utilizing immunofluorescence/fluorescent markers, luminescence or qPCR as readout. We offer customized screening plates from a genome wide single guide RNA (sgRNA) CRISPR library. Several human siRNA libraries are readily available, alternative libraries such as compound libraries can be facilitated through us.

We gladly help researchers with the initial assay setup, the automation thereof, screen performance, data and statistical analysis and finally candidate validation.

The facility is funded by a NNF research infrastructure grant (0061734). The user has to acknowledge use of the HCCS facility when publishing articles or scientific papers, talks, posters or issuing any other public news.

We receive support from an advisory board consisting of:

  • Eric Paul Bennet, Specialist Biopharm Deparment for Gene Therapy, Novo Nordisk
  • Jordi Carreras Puigvert, Uppsala University
  • Davide Gianni, Director Functional Genomics, AstraZeneca
  • Robin Ketteler, University College London
  • Carolina Wählby, Uppsala University

The HCCS facility is part of DK-OPENSCREEN and EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC.