Useful links

Theory about Flowcytometry

Flow Cytometry – A Basic Introduction
Michael G. Ormerod

BD Biosciences – Flow Cytometry Web-Based Training

Bio-Rad - Introduction to Flow Cytometry – Basics Guide


Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sorting in immunological studies (2nd ed)
Cossarizza et al, (2019)

Bible of Flowcytometry

Practical Flow Cytometry
Howard Shapiro

Spectral viewers for panel design

Spectral viewer – Thermo Fisher

Spectral viewer - BD Biosciences

Flourescence spectra Analyser -  Biolegend

Flourofinder – Search and design platform

Learning links

Why antibody titration is important?

Doublet discrimination

How to set FSC Area scaling for doublet discrimination?

Flowjo training tutorial

Flowjo webinars

fluorescent protein database