Use of the machine is access based

A referent for each group that wants to use the machine MUST be trained. He/she will be taught how to anesthetise mice, perform a luminescent or fluorescent signal acquisition, analyse the data and design an in vivo experiment. This referent will then be responsible to train other people from his/her laboratory that would like to use the machine and insure that they use the system appropriately.

Data analysis: Data are exported from the IVIS computer and can be analysed later on 4 different computers at BRIC-FINSEN with the Living Image analysis software.

Generation of luminescent/fluorescent cell lines: The users can generate their own luminescent/fluorescent cell lines using a lentiviral based system (plasmids and protocols available from the facility), after checking that the cells are free from any murine pathogens (Felasa tests). Infection of the cells with these lentiviral particles must be performed in a Felasa clean area of a P2 laboratory, available in BRIC’s P2 laboratory for example.