We have several options how you can run your experiment in our Facility:

  • Training run: The option is used when you are not familiar to the method. At! For the first time it is better to take one sample only. We will go through the method step by step - from the beginning to the end. Usually it takes 12 hours distributed between 3 days.
  • Assistance run: The option when you need staff assistance time to time: includes 3 days of facility use and 3 hours of support (per run).
  • Superuser/Autonomous run: You do not need staff assistance at all. We provide reagents for you and you run 10X independently. Includes 3 days of facility use.

FACS:  In case if you need to sort your cells by FACS, you should book one of FACS machines: or perform FACS at your institute.

Below you will find examples of price of one reaction per run. The  price of reaction will be lower, if you run more, then one reaction per run. For more precise calculation we have to discuss with you how to plan your project.

Prices for BRIC

  • Training run: 15669 dkk
  • Assistance run: 12819 dkk
  • Superuser run: 12119 dkk
  • Consultation/additional time: 350 dkk/hour

Prices for external Academic institutes and universities (non-BRIC)

  • Training run: 19519 dkk
  • Assistance run: 15469 dkk
  • Superuser run: 14569 dkk
  • Consultation/additional time:  450 dkk/hour

Prices for Industry

  • Training run: 30919 dkk
  • Assistance run: 18319 dkk
  • Superuser run: 15590 dkk
  • Consultation/additional time: 1400 dkk/hour
At! Note that we cannot cover the cost in the case of failure. If the failure is due to manufacturing flaws of the 10X components  the company will compensate  the reagent by sending a new one.

At! If you are not from BRIC, please, provide following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Affiliation   
  • Name of your group leader  
  • Email of your group leader
  • Telephone of your group leader
  • Sted kode (EAN) and Alias or  CVR