Career development workshop

Designed specifically for Bioscience postdoctoral researchers this webinar series will provide a unique opportunity to help you to reflect on your own personal strengths, increase your self awareness and apply this to your career planning and decision making strategy You will learn how to promote yourself effectively in a CV and covering letter, online and at interview to improve your application success whether for an academic or non-academic post.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the webinars participants will:

  1. know the basic theory of career planning and be able to apply it to their own career strategy;
  2. be more self-aware about their skills and capabilities and how to apply this knowledge to the job market;
  3. be able to make more informed decisions about their career, whether within or outside of academia;
  4. be more knowledgeable about the job market and appreciate employer requirements;
  5. be able to write an effective CV and feel more confident to adapt it to different jobs;
  6. feel more confident about communicating their skills and strengths in an interview;
  7. have formulated a personal action plan to follow up after the workshop.

Instructor: Sarah Blackford
Postgraduate-qualified academic careers adviser with an established international reputation and over 20 years’ experience supporting research staff with their career management and development. With a background in scientific research and publishing and qualified with a master’s degree in career guidance and coaching, Sarah has authored papers based on her careers work and a book entitled Career planning for research bioscientists. Much of her advice and resources are available on her blog,