The meeting is aimed at Postdocs who want to find out about making the transition from Postdoc to independent team leader (PI). Juniors and more experienced group leaders will discuss different topics such as:

  • Strategic decisions made during your postdoc career.
  • Developing your research strategy.
  • Finding your scientific niche.
  • Obtaining and negotiating a PI position.
  • Setting up a team/lab (how to balance the team, what makes a good PhD candidate,  hiring postdocs, technicians, infrastructure…).
  • Daily life of a PI (dealing with grant applications, managing people…).
  • Presentation strategies for job interviews/chalk talks.
  • Strategies to get a starting grant, 5 year proposals.
  • Evaluation and selection criteria for a PI position.
  • Picking the right institute.
  • Developing your network in academia, with editors, funding agencies and industry
  • Finding the right collaborators.

Group leaders will share their experience and be happy to answer all your questions.